Spotlight on Apopka

Planned and Under Development Projects in the Apopka area

Total Dwelling Units: 11,423 with 3,557 under construction.

Total Non-Residential: 20,701,000 sf with 5.42m under construction.

Map of new and planned projects

Apopka Area Development map

Development Projects as of 11/8/2021

Project NameProject TypeAcreageDwelling UnitsDescription Non-Res. Sq. Ft. 
Avian PointePD128758480 MF Units / 222 TH Units / 56 SF Units                          –  
Monarchs at Lake PleasantSite Plan23.67126126 Apartments                          –  
Advent Health Industrial ComplexSite Plan53.820Industrial Park                455,387
Hammock at Rock SpringsSubdivision Plan9.5919Single Family Subdivision                          –  
Fairfield Inn & Self-StorageSite Plan120Hotel, Self Storage Facility                112,320
Summer House ApartmentsSite Plan16.08264Multi-Family Apartments                          –  
LakesideSubdivision Plan154301Single Family Subdivision                          –  
Addison FarmsSite Plan17.48262Multi-Family Apartments                          –  
San Sebastian ReserveSubdivision Plan23112Single Family Subdivision                          –  
Legacy HillsSubdivision Plan2048Single Family Subdivision                          –  
Country Crossing EstatesSubdivision Plan722Single Family Subdivision                          –  
Residences at Emerson ParkSubdivision Plan24103Townhome Subdivision                          –  
RubrightPD424.340Industrial Park             5,500,000
Vista ReserveSubdivision Plan61153Single Family Subdivision                          –  
Ascend OakpointeSite Plan10.27240Apartment Complex                          –  
Bridle Path (Windrose)Subdivision Plan51152Single Family Subdivision                          –  
North Orange Animal HospitalSite Plan2.30Veterinary Clinic                    6,582
West Apopka Medical OfficesSite Plan1.30Medical Offices                  11,097
Hidden LakeSubdivision Plan1692Townhome Subdivision                          –  
ApolloSite Plan42.60Industrial Park                594,000
Chic-Fil-ASite Plan0.750Restaurant                    4,839
Seventh Day AdventistSite Plan4.310Church Addition                  17,470
Oak Point SouthSubdivision Plan69.38238118 SF Units / 120 TH Units                          –  
Apopka Emergency FacilitySite Plan3.780Emergency Facility/Helipad                    4,800
S&F ElectronicsSite Plan1.370Warehouse                  12,000
Lake Gem Commerce CenterSubdivision Plan290Industrial Park                697,831
Ivy TrailsSubdivision Plan30.9467Single Family Subdivision                          –  
Harmon on the LakeSite Plan12.73180Multifamily Apts.                          –  
Winward HillsSubdivision Plan67.76101Single Family Subdivision                          –  
Nottingham SubdivisionSubdivision Plan23.446Single Family Subdivision                          –  
Vision Car WashCSP1.8530Car Wash                    5,072
Ponkan ReserveSubdivision Plan7.4714Single Family Subdivision                          –  
Johns Rd. Lots 5 and 6Site Plan2.030Industrial Park                  10,000
K-8 SchoolSite Plan15.090Jason Dwelley K-8 School                  99,324
Kelly Park RezoningKPI Master Plan205.07975675 SF Homes, 300 MF Units                          –  
Mid Florida Logistics ParkPUD1890Industrial Park             2,406,095
Apopka TownhomesSite Plan2.2324Townhome Subdivision                          –  
The Ridge (Logistics 429)Master Plan3661,321678 MF Units/643 TH and/or SF units             1,875,000
Park View PreserveSubdivision Plan91.94282Single Family Subdivision                          –  
Binion ReserveSubdivision Plan21.3644Single Family Subdivision                          –  
Faircloth LakesSubdivision Plan2531Single Family Subdivision                          –  
Oaks at Kelly ParkSubdivision Plan39124Single Family Subdivision                          –  
Sebastian Moving CompanySite Plan3.870Moving Company                  20,000
Rock Springs CommercialSite Plan3.990Commercial Development                    6,774
South Lake Office RetailSite Plan0.810Office Building                  11,587
Western BeltwaySite Plan18.070Warehouse                190,286
Hermit Smith WarehouseSite Plan19.610Warehouse                290,000
Lake Standish EstatesSubdivision Plan1.883Single Family Subdivision                          –  
Gateway PlazaSite Plan3.360Shopping Plaza                  32,430
Rock Springs PreserveSubdivision Plan35111Single Family Subdivision                          –  
Floridian Town CenterPD77.29752Mixed Use Subdivision                295,911
Alta East Shore Apts.Subdivision Plan24.4285Multifamily Apts.                          –  
Culver’sSite Plan1.850Culver’s Restaurant                    4,330
Double O’sSite Plan1.020Coffee Shop                       670
SJRWM Apopka Service CenterSite Plan4.990Office Building                  17,337
RFL Mgmt.Site Plan2.080Industrial Building                  20,000
Winn DixieSite Plan6.440Grocery Store/Shopping Center                  53,527
Menol TransportSite Plan2.240Semi-Truck Parking Area                          –  
Retail at Rock Springs & TanglewoodSubdivision Plan4.590Retail Center                  12,918
MeadowlarkSubdivision Plan41.85200Single Family & Townhome Subdivision                          –  
Golden Orchard EstatesSubdivision Plan35.56165Single Family Subdivision                          –  
OakviewSubdivision Plan39.6113Single Family Subdivision                          –  
Orlando Beltway EastSubdivision Plan56.51202Single Family & Townhome Subdivision                          –  
Apex ApopkaSite Plan18.98284Multi-Family Apartments                          –  
Clarcona Office WarehouseSite Plan9.390Warehouse/Office                  96,000
Magnolia TerraceSubdivision Plan81.18300176 Townhomes/124 SF Homes                          –  
Crossroads 429Site Plan50.40Warehouse                280,437
Winding MeadowsSubdivision Plan50.77179Single Family Subdivision                          –  
700 Hermit Smith WarehouseSite Plan7.380Warehouse                  34,996
Harmon CenterSite Plan2.930Commercial Center                  24,990
Legacy Station Lot 2Site Plan1.310Restaurant & Dental Office                    7,464
Emerson PointPD69.65225128 Townhomes, 97 SF Homes                          –  
NorthstarSite Plan55.190Warehouse                737,634
Jefferson Apts (FKA Ocoee-Apopka Road MF)PD21.56304Multifamily Apts.                          –  
RoadmasterSite Plan15.530Drivers School                  10,772
Marden Road Track & FieldSite Plan2.440Track & Field                          –  
Lo Family Trust WarehouseSite Plan19.430Warehouse                  66,011
Acuera EstatesSubdivision Plan38.2876Single Family Subdivision                          –  
Laurel OaksSubdivision Plan41.2126Single Family Subdivision                          –  
Gardenia ReservesSubdivision Plan20.27141Single Family Subdivision                          –  
Plymouth Sorrento NorthSubdivision Plan40.5140Single Family Subdivision                          –  
Winding Meadows NorthMaster Plan23.6985Single Family Subdivision                          –  
Willow RunSubdivision Plan56.67110Single Family Subdivision                          –  
Apopka City Center SouthSite Plan4.70Commercial Development                  28,040
Summit RidgeSubdivision Plan7.5921Single Family Subdivision                230,868
Ramjit EstatesSubdivision Plan4.952Single Family Subdivision                100,666
Skyline RidgeSubdivision Plan4.6439Single Family Subdivision                117,295
451 Commerce ParkSite Plan22.080Warehouse/Office                961,810
1975 Apopka Commercial BuildingSite Plan3.7480Mechanic/Office                    6,025
3716 Hogshead RoadSite Plan2.990Industrial Building                  30,080
Apollo Village TownhomesSite Plan1.1310Townhome Subdivision                          –  
Alterna Logistics Park (Part of 13)Site Plan70.640Industrial Warehousing                574,000
Apopka Acorn Mixed Use DevelopmentSite Plan1.1819Mixed Use Site                  28,020
Apopka Business CenterSite Plan79.830Industrial Warehousing                710,073
Apopka QSRSite Plan0.8950Drive Through Restaurant                    2,415
Circle K – Rock Springs and Welch (Site 44)Site Plan1.740Convenience Store                    3,700
Clarcona Road WarehouseSite Plan1.340Warehouse/Office                  12,000
Crossroads (FKA DHI Kelly Park East)Master Plan Amendment15.27300Apartment Complex 
Crossroads at Kelly Park – Phase 3, Kelly Park SouthMDP45.93409Mixed Use 
Kelly Industrial ParkMDP104.180Industrial Warehousing             1,697,115
Mullinax Ford Apopka Sewer & Lift Station Improvements; Service Garage AdditionSite Plan21.510Lift Station                  40,360
Natura VistaSite Plan3.0946Multifamily Apts.                108,891
Northstar Logistics Center IIMDP26.490Industrial Warehousing                166,648
O2B Kids ApopkaSite Plan2.010Child Care                  11,382
The Oaks at MonroeMDP5.7486Multifamily Apts.                198,032
Southwick CommonsCSP10.11192Multifamily Apts.                370,802
True Coffee By CannonSite Plan0.130Coffee Shop                    1,312
Wingspan/ABC Kelly ParkMDP21.36368Multi-family Apartments/Commercial                  45,200
Park Avenue Medical OfficeSite Plan0.7110Medical Office                    4,602
Sanctuary MedicinalsSite Plan17.690Nursey/Greenhouse                  40,167
Tyler CrusadesAnnexation40.140Commercial Retail Center                          –  
BengeAnnexation8.390Commercial                          –  
2309 Ocoee Apopka Rd AnnexationAnnexation5.710Commercial                          –  
3405 W Ponkan Rd AnnexationAnnexation9.950Residential                          –  
CFX Annexation-008Annexation60Roadway                          –  
Northwest ChurchCSP14.690Church                  23,217
Apopka RetailSite Plan1.8090Retail Center                  11,068
Hanlex Professional OfficeSite Plan3.690Office Building                  18,638
Logistics 429 at Apopka RidgeSite Plan78.2030Industrial/warehouse                722,222
Acadia Health – Behavior Health HospitalSite Plan10.140144 Beds                  99,497
Miller’s Ale HouseSite Plan2.270Miller’s Ale House                    7,202
Fudge Road IndustrialSite Plan7.030Industrial Storage/Warehouse                  16,000
Wolf Lake RanchSubdivision31.4961Single Family Subdivision                          –  
Floor and DécorCSP5.720Retail Building                  77,901
Be ClimbingMDP6.630Retail                  30,000
Fire Station 6CSP5.5180Fire Station                    8,065
Hawthorne Business CenterCSP2.450Business Center                  28,000
MAQ Commerce CenterMDP1.780Gas Station/Conveinience Store                  20,852
Marshall Lake Business CenterMDP6.420Commercial                  44,700
Shoppes At East Shore Phase 1CSP28.020Commercial                  78,200

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