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Apopka: Home to Key Industrial Sectors

Apopka was once known as the “Indoor Foliage Capital of the World” because of our numerous nurseries and greenhouses. Many of these nurseries remain today. Since the 2000 Census the Apopka business community has been diversifying to adapt to our rapid growth and we have seen a tremendous change in our local identity. Seven of the top ten home builders are developing within our region. A network of expanded roads and infrastructure have been developed, with more solutions underway. As the population has grown, so has the talent and labor pool. Apopka has become a prime area for many new industries as companies look for up-and-coming regions to relocate their operations to.

It is no wonder that Apopka has become an easy choice for businesses of all sizes. Below are a few industry-specific sectors that we are proud to have in our region, who call Apopka home.


Apopka was once known as the “Indoor Foliage Capital of the World.” Apopka is the home to one of 12 University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (UF/IFAS) Research and Education Centers.

Located in the heart of Florida, this multi-million dollar research and education center supports multi disciplinary research, teaching, and extension programs focused on commodities, natural resources, and broader issues (e.g., water quality and environmental contamination) relevant to the agriculture industries.

With the help and support of Mid-Florida Research & Education Center, our community has created a successful eco-space for other Agri-science businesses to grow and thrive. Due to the high-quality education and expert research that is available within the area. This has resulted in the growth and expansion of several new private-sector jobs from our locally grown companies at Agri-Starts and The Scotts Company.


Central Florida is a premier aviation location. Apopka has year round flying weather and hyper-connected air access with several public-use airports in the region. These airports include our hidden gem – Orlando Apopka Airport, the Orlando Executive Airport, and two international airports, located within 30 miles of the community.

The Orlando Apopka Airport is home to several aviation mechanics, flight instructors, a headset manufacturer, and an aircraft research/development firm. The airport can be utilized for fly-in events, and continuing education. Aviation industry leaders Northrop Grumman, JETechnology Solutions, and First Landings Aviation call Apopka home.

The Orlando Apopka Airport has become more than just a safe haven for airplanes; it has become a commerce and social center for aviation enthusiasts and business professionals.


Apopkans understand the undeniable link between sustainability and economy. This is why we focus on building a robust cleantech industry, with particular strengths in energy, efficiency, and environmental technologies.

Florida is home to several industry innovators, and we look forward to bringing more cleantech industries, like our partners at GreenRhino, to our community.


Apopka is proud that 7 of America’s 10 largest homebuilders are building in Apopka. Millions of square feet of industrial space is either under construction or planned. The Apopka area is becoming one of the hottest construction and development areas in the region, in both commercial and residential development.

Orlando residents continue to experience growth and rising home prices, which is attributing to rapid growth of residential development in Apopka, as families look outside of the congested downtown area to find an affordable home. With our nature filled surroundings, and investments in infrastructure, it is no wonder that Apopka is now home to nearly 150 construction companies, including D.R. Horton, FINFROCK, JK2 Construction, KB Homes, KENPAT, Randall Construction,Southland Construction, and many more. By employing thousands of workers, subcontractors, and skilled laborers, these strong industry assets can help your construction business ramp up fast in our community.


Ecotourism has never been more popular than it is today. Lake Apopka is the 4th largest lake in Florida, with wonderful fishing, canoeing, and paddleboarding. Apopka has 27,000 acres of beautiful parks and recreation, 394 miles of bike and walking trails, Lake Apopka’s Wildlife drive, camping, birdwatching, and more. Apopka offers one of Central Florida’s top destinations for outdoor recreation. Apopka is an ideal get away to explore the best of nature.

Enjoy fishing on Lake Apopka, or hike along the vast north shore. Birders can enjoy many of the areas 300 documented species. Canoe, camp or hike more than 13 miles of nature trails at scenic Wekiwa Springs State Park, or cycle along 22 paved miles on the West Orange Trail.

Get in the game at the 128-acre Northwest Recreation Complex – one of Florida’s premier outdoor sports facilities, with 28 fields and a 1,300 person seating at the outdoor amphitheater.

We are proud to say that the Apopka area is growing rapidly with so many new eco-tourism businesses. We welcome you to check out Hutchinson Farm Winery, King’s Landing, Long & Scott Farms, and Wekiva Island.

Logistics and Distribution

Logistics is big business in Florida. The broader wholesale trade, transportation, and logistics industry employs more than half a million Floridians.

As a new gateway to Central Florida, Apopka’s logistics and distribution industry is poised to grow even more with 3.3 million square feet of industrial space planned or under construction in Apopka. Hundreds of thousands of additional square feet of space are being discussed, as Apopka is becoming one of the hottest areas for new industrial and logistics parks.

Apopka offers an array of distribution opportunities for your company, including access to several transportation corridors. Interstate, toll roads, US highways and railroads serve the major markets and population centers in the area.

Apopka is home to several logistics and distribution companies. Amazon, Cold Link Logistics, and Quality Custom Distribution, are all present in Apopka, with many other top logistics companies on the way.


Apopka’s manufacturing industry has become a hotspot. Our local manufacturers produce a diverse range of products including; fabricated metal, concrete structures, materials for airplane engines, aerospace, and products being sold at our local theme parks.

Local manufacturers tend to work together to find new local suppliers and markets for their products, instead of using international suppliers.

Apopka is now the home to nearly 50 manufacturers (and growing), employing thousands of workers. Companies in our region include The Coca-Cola Company, Collins Manufacturing, ER Precision Optical, FINFROCK, Pentair, Sunbelt Metals and Manufacturing, S & B Metal Products of Central Florida, and many more.

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